If you have ever been to an Indian restaurant you would probably have eaten at least one Naan. It is an Indian flat bread from North India. The dough , stretched, and then slapped onto the inside of a coal fired oven (Tandoor). Then oven is really hot  (much hotter than our home ovens can get) and a few minutes later out comes this baked bread that can then be brushed with butter and garlic. The Tandoor is also used to make Tandoori Chicken – that mouth watering treat where the chicken melts off the bone when done really well.

So you remember the pizza dough I made the last week. Well Janak’s dad actually decided to taste the pizza and really liked the dough and asked if I could just make the plain dough. So with the leftover dough I just stretched it and then baked it in the oven at 550F for 4-5 minutes brushed it with a mixture of garlic butter and it was smashing.

The only difference here is that I did not stretch out the dough that much. If you do stretch it out too much it will be really thin. However, try a few different thicknesses and see which one you like. You know the Naan is done when you have a few golden brown patches on the top.


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