100 Cupcakes

I was very excited when my friend Aparna who is the director of Raksha asked if I would make cupcakes for them for Fathers day a whole 100 cupcakes. Raksha (for those of you who do not know the organization) is a non-profit South Asian organization that does amazing community work.

I did think about it overnight as I was a little apprehensive about making 100 cupcakes (mini cupcakes). However, what better opportunity to learn mass baking skills. So I did say yes (as there is obviously this story).

I started off with thinking I would do something simple 50 chocolate cupcakes and 50 vanilla cupcakes. However, I thought it would be nice to have something other than just simple chocolate cupcakes so I changed around the recipe to add a little bit of espresso and a little bit of this and that and came up with a wonderful tasting batter (yes I do taste my batters). Then I put the first batch in and they rose and continued – and looked like little muffin top and they continued to rise – hmm maybe my experiment went a little haywire with me being a little overzealous with the baking soda. On the flip side once they came out of the oven, had cooled and then fallen they tasted amazing. They just did not look like it. So I took the batter and just baked two cakes out of it.

I ended up making a Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate ganache and then Vanilla cupcakes with Lemon butter cream icing. Recipes to follow soon. Thanks Aparna and Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.


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