My first foray – into blogging

I started my culinary foray when I was young and because I loved desserts. I always wanted to know what went into the desserts I ate and luckily for me I had a lot of people who were very happy to share their recipes with me. I received a lot of encouragement from everyone as they happily chowed down on what I made.

It’s also with fond memories that I remember trying my first black forest cake with an electric oven whose top you had to lift off completely to test the cake. It was still not done. However, as I put the top back on I saw the middle slowly collapsing. Yes, I had possibly taken the top off a little early, but the design of the oven made for a complete loss of heat. The cake, however, was happily received by all and it was still delicious – it could be attributed to the amount of rum I poured into the cake (we did not get Kirsch liqueur in India).  As you can possibly guess I started deviating from following a recipe precisely because I never had everything on hand and luck has been on my side most of the time (keyword being ‘most’).

I love cooking (and eating) and love sharing food with friends. I am so happy to have read so many wonderful blogs and been able to try so many new and delightful recipes. Here is my little way of giving back and bringing a smile to someone’s face and have a lot of happy tummies out there.

I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to your feedback.


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